Four Popular Blonde Wig Styling Ideas

Four Popular Blonde Wig Styling Ideas

Styling your blonde wig before going out is important because the style you choose says a lot about your personality. There are many styles you can make for an office day and there are styles you can wear to hang out with your friends. You almost can never get it wrong with an outfit and your blonde wig if you make a fitting style with it.

Styles like long curls without bangs, long layers with bangs, and mermaid waves could be perfect for modeling. Other blonde wig styles like blunt cut, bob, or lob could be for professional moves like work and the likes of it. You can style your wigs to like these styles, but they are mostly irreversible.

This post highlights and examines a few blonde wig styles you can try and how to make some of them.

The four most popular blonde wig styling ideas

Long curls blonde wig style

The long curls blonde wig style is one of the most popular wig styles and the oldest one at that. It has existed since the 1960s and it is still classy. However, in recent times long curls have taken different shapes with extra beauty.

This wig style is straight from the top and curly from the mid-length to the tip. The wig has to be long for the long curl style to apply to it.

Long layers of blonde wig style

Long layers blond wig style has a slight resemblance with the long curls, only that it is not as curly as the long curl style. This wig style is also popular and it has withstood the test of time since it got created in the early 1990s. The wig style works perfectly for models, dinner dates, and hangouts. You can still make it for work if you want to.

Blunt-cut blonde wig style

The blunt-cut blonde wig style, from its name, looks like a cut wig. It is sleek, short and every other tip has the same length. It has a striking resemblance with the bob wig style, but unlike bob, the blunt cut goes all back. The wig style is straight and it has a slight cut at the tip.

Lob blonde wig style

Lob blonde wig style is a longer version of the blunt cut blonde wig style but is not as long as the long curl. A lob wig style is a medium-length sharp tip wig. Like the blunt cut, the lob has the looks of a cut wig and it is a pony-tail wig. You can wear your wig with this style to the office with your corporate dress and look stunning.


A blonde wig can get styled in different ways.  Every style is suited for different occasions and should be worn accordingly. You can wear a long-layer blonde wig style to work, a dinner date, or anywhere fun. Lob blonde wig style is perfect for work and classy occasions. Then, the long curly blonde wig style gives a perfect modeling look.